Sangtekst: Every Other Saturday

Like sikkert som at You’ll Never Walk Aloneskaper allsang før avspark, er det at deler av the Kop prøver å sette igang Every Other Saturday tidlig i kampen — til varierende hell. Teksttunge låter gjør det sjeldent bra på tribunen, men her kan du lære deg ordene.

Every other Saturday's me half day off

And it's off to the match I go

You’ll see me walking down the Anfield Road

Me and me old pal Joe

We love to see the lasses with their red scarves on

We love to hear theKopitesroar

But I don't have to tell you that best of all

We love to see the Liverpool scooooore (scooore)

We'vewon the English Leagueabout a thousand times

UEFAwas a simple do

We gave some exhibitions in theFA Cup

We are theWembley Wizardstoo

Butwhen we won the European Cup in Rome

Like we should have done years before

We gathered down atAnfield

Boys a hundred thousand strong

To give the boys a welcome hoooome

Kennyohhh Kenny

I'd walk a million miles for one of your goals oh Kenny

ohhh Kenny...